Nkumbe Wildlife Estate's vision is to establish an up-market, residential community that embraces nature conservation by promoting a lasting balance between the natural eco-systems, wildlife and residents, whilst boasting secluded housing and wide-open spaces, allowing wildlife to roam freely.

Services and infrastructure are in place. These include a 6,8km game fence, electrical power, borehole water supplies, sand roads and a security-controlled gatehouse.
Situated just 15 km from the South African border and close to the quaint little town of Ponta do Ouro in the Southern Mozambique bushveld, this rustic-chic lifestyle encourages residents to reconnect with nature where the architectural language, based on the Contemporary African Bush style, encourages a close relationship with the inherent beauty of the magnificent coastal dune forest and lowland bush surroundings. Tranquil and safe with 24-hour security, each site is unique offering maximum privacy.
The architectural vernacular emphasises horizontal proportions with low pitched roof-lines, large windows and glass walls, the use of natural materials and colours, spacious patios and the creation of private spaces by integrating the landscape into the building.
An Architecture Review Committee has been established to provide guidelines on such elements as building style relating to a contemporary bush and coastal lifestyle; roof heights - so that no views are affected; the diversity of site's geography which dictates a variety of architectural responses, ranging from securely anchored structures to floating over the site on stilted legs; and availability of construction skills and materials. Architectural and Landscape Guidelines are available on request.

An opportunity to own the ultimate bush and sea experience in Southern Mozambique!